Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Cart WAY before the horse

So, in addition to obsessing over -- and by "obsessing" I mean pouring over every photo I can find, searching out online pedigrees, checking the OFA website for health testing, etc. -- Cardigan breeder websites in search of the perfect future stud dog for my only-nine-months-old puppy, I've also been looking over various sample puppy contracts. One thing that I would like to do when the time comes for me to sell puppies is to include a "Pay for Performance" program. I want to reward my future puppy buyers for putting in the work and devotion that it takes to earn those titles in conformation, agility, obedience, herding, tracking and Rally by sending them a check upon proof of title.

I'd love to find out how others go about doing this. Does anyone know of any breeders who have this type of program?


  1. That would be a lovely thing to do, BUT you'll actually be giving some puppies away if you sell to avid performance people. I know of no one who pays for performance. I do know some breeders who rebate $100 upon proof of spay/neuter for pet puppies. You might want to do a CWCCA Bulletin ad for dogs of your breeding who have earned performance/companion titles -- instead of writing checks to the owners.

    It's great that you are looking for health test results as well as for the appearance and pedigree of potential stud dogs. That's something that should be important to all of us. I must say that waiting for the health test results for my male was about as nerve-wracking as anything I can think of.

  2. Speaking of stud dogs, Penni -- drop me an email if you can, because Chase is at or very near the top of my List O' Potentials. :-)

    I know the money can certainly add up. I scribbled out a payment schedule, and what it came out to was if a dog earns his Herding Championship, Conformation Championship, OtCH, RAE, Tracking Championship and MACH, then I will essentially be giving the buyer the entire purchase price back over the life of the dog.

    BUT, I will be a VERY happy breeder to have produced a dog that: a) has the health and temperament to do all of that work successfully; and b) has an owner who will invest the love, hard work and commitment to become that kind of team with their dog. I'll never get rich (or, you know, break even), but it's something I feel strongly about, and I'm willing to put my money where my mouth is.

  3. Its a very nice thought, one I spoke to several people about before my only litter. Most everyone suggested not doing it, or at most offering a limited reward. Say xxx for the first. Also, if you do be sure you indicate what venues(AKC, UKC, Nadac etc) it applies to, as in some areas of the country, there are multiple venues to play in.
    Now all that being said, if one of my puppy buyers were to start in performance I would definately acknowledge it in some manor, a gift certificate, a bulletin ad, and multiple kudos on line.

  4. Leslie Reed of KeelMtn does title rebates. You might check with her on her contract. I've thought about it but haven't added it to a contract yet.

  5. I start looking at stud dogs as soon as I know who will be mine (8 weeks or so) so don't feel bad.

    I have a contract I just used if you wan to see it. Email me - I think the email is on the blog or at least on the site.