Monday, October 19, 2009

Elli's One Year Photos

Elli will be one year old tomorrow, so my friend Ashley came over to help me with a photo shoot yesterday. Elli wasn't at her most cooperative (Ian was clearly having WAY more fun than she was), but I got a few shots. Front comparisons:
Front, 1 year old

Front, 8.5 months old

Front, 6 months old
Show side comparison:

Show side, 1 year

Show side, 8.5 m onths

Show side, 6 months
Off side comparison:

Off side, 1 year

Off side, 8.5 months

Off side, 6 months


  1. She is a very pretty girl. I love her markings, I adore a narrow white snip.

  2. She's really coming back together from those gawky teens! I'm no expert, but she looks like she'll be really nice once she's matured. I'm not a breeder though, so don't take my word on it ;0P

  3. She's stayed very consistent, and is filling out nicely.