Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Singing the Blues

...or the lack thereof. Joanna's Clue is playing coy with the whole heat thing, so it looks like she may be skipping this cycle altogether. Bummer. On the other hand, summer/fall puppies are way better than winter puppies, so there's that. *patience is a virtue... patience is a virtue...*


  1. I'm pretty sure she won't skip totally - the only way she would go a year is if I somehow missed it. And that would be VERY unusual; I've never missed a heat cycle in any of my dogs despite my paranoid wonderings when they're late. And she's not showing any signs of a false pregnancy like she would if she had come in two months ago; I've been checking/wiping daily for six weeks now so there's absolutely no possibility that she was in in that time period.

    I think she's just screwing with everybody's head :). The good news is that she looks great and is happy as a clam and the house is all ready for her to have a whelping box right next to the pellet stove.

  2. Hope roads are good for the puppy party.