Friday, June 25, 2010 Grandmother's House We Go

Magnum took a trip to Grammie's house sans the big kids last weekend, and so got to explore the garden accompanied only by Mabel, my in-laws tragically rotund mixed-breed.

Okay, this photo isn't of Magnum, but I freaking LOVE it. This was taken standing under the grape arbor and shooting up through the vines and leaves. It's my new favorite wallpaper on my computer.

Magnum checking out the... um, foliage of some sort. I think they were lilies.

Jungle safari!

Backyard spy plane? Miniature crop duster? You decide.

Okay y'all, remember Joanna's blog post wherein she resolves to post unflattering photos of her dogs? Yeah, it's like that. He's standing all wrong, his legs look like they go on for miles, and he appears to have no neck. But just look at that widdle face!

By the bed of... nasturtiums, I think?

I don't know what plant he's huffing, but it looks like some good shit!

Gratuitous flower porn.

Hangin' in the kitchen with Her Lumpiness while we make strawberry jam.

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  1. Wook at the widdle face!

    You know I love him no matter how long his legs look :).