Wednesday, November 10, 2010

*tap tap tap* Is this thing on?

Yeah, so, all evidence to the contrary, I haven't dropped off the face of the earth. Just having a lot of things that suck right now, and I tend to go quiet when that happens. I'm working on plans for things to be less sucky, though.

The dogs, however, do not suck. They keep me sane. Or, you know, less crazy than I would be otherwise. Cardigans = better than Prozac.

I took the boys to the Springfield shows in October. (Elli came along for the ride.) I showed Magnum on the Friday and Sunday for another Reserve and another major Reserve; Ian took the major Reserve on Saturday. Magnum is showing this weekend at Fitchburg and in two weeks back in Springfield. After that, I will likely be laying him off for a while; he's at That Age and the fuglies are fast approaching. I doubt I'll meet the desired goal of finishing him before he's a year old, but I can't wait to see how he morphs from a tubey, leggy, gangly puppy into a gorgeous, charming grown-up.

All of my protests aside, I would really like to get those last two points on Ian, so I may drag him back into the show ring while Magnum is on hiatus to see if he can finally pick them up. I don't know if that makes me stubborn or just plain stupid. :-/

Elli is now attending a Sunday agility practice in addition to her weekly class. The Sunday practice is great because it's held in a horse arena and there is space to set up a full-sized course, unlike at class. Consequently she's improving a lot on coursing as opposed to just working specific objects and skills. I still feel like she's a little "handler-capped", but Thom assures me that if I can't/don't want to try and title her myself, he will handle her to a title for me. Yay Thom!!

However, Elli may be taking a little time-out for motherhood duties, because I've about 80% decided to breed her when she comes back into season, probably in February. If I do, the sire will be Fudge (CH Trudytales About Last Night, ROMS). He has -- and produces -- many of the things that I'd like to improve on Elli. He has also produced well with both her mother and her grandmother, and I'm pretty excited to see what may come of it. It will be an all-black litter, and irregardless of whether I get a conformation super-star out of it, I DO expect sound, athletic, drivey puppies. If all falls into place, I should have puppies ready to go to their new homes in June.

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  1. Good luck with the breeding! Sound, athletic and HEALTHY puppies are most important, of course - but I do hope you get something that amazes you in the conformation ring too! :)