Friday, July 8, 2011

Picking which side of the fence

Okay:  Decision made.

Before the scheduled spay/sudden heat debacle, my plan had been to attend Western Reserve and, at that time, look at an exciting 14-month old bitch on which there is the prospect of a co-own.  Having bounced back and forth over the fence roughly 3,256,913 times since Elli came into season on Sunday, I have decided to stick with that plan.

If I decide against the co-own on this bitch, and don't find some other arrangement while I am at the specialty, I will x-ray Elli's hips, etc. before her winter heat, and assuming all is well, will breed her then.  (I'll admit to having gotten a little excited at the prospect of having little ones.)

So, as ever, stay tuned!

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