Thursday, June 25, 2009

Go snails!! and other stuff...

Woo! I got email confirmation that my entries for the Vermont cluster made it to MB-F in time, despite my not mailing them until Monday afternoon with a Wednesday noon closing date. Go snails!!

And speaking of snails, I think their cousins the slugs are mutating or something. I swear, I have never seen slugs the size of the ones on my front steps this morning. I think they may have been casing the joint. And while on yard patrol/clean-up duty, I bagged what I THOUGHT was a dog dropping, only to glance down and see it crawling back out of the bag. Imagine my dismay.

Anyone need rain? We have some here for you. Almost two solid weeks of rain, drizzle, fog, and lower-then-normal temperatures. What's up with that? Can we get a little of the heat wave the rest of the country is experiencing? Please? I'm molding! And while I recognize that the vegetable garden does in fact need rain, I think it may also need to -- oh, I don't know -- see the SUN on occasion! Yeesh.

Ian had a great obedience class last night. Four retrieves on the flat, two over the high jump, and every single time he grabbed the dumbbell correctly and held it until I took it. Yay, progress!!!! He also did a nice drop on the recall. His front was horrid, but then they usually are. Ian has made it abundantly clear he is not, nor will he ever be, an OTCH dog. Now, if we can just stop cutting the corner on the broad jump, I think he will be ready to start trialing for his CDX. I'm shooting for the Saccarappa trials in September.

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