Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Hedging my bets

You know what? Bills suck. Seriously.

So, in an effort to make them go away, I'm taking a second, part-time job. In addition to the day job, I'll be working Friday, Saturday and Sunday evenings. Not terribly conducive to showing dogs, but I will be going to Vermont for 3 shows in July (if my entries made it in time via snail-mail -- fingers crossed!) I should be able to attend the Maine shows and still make it to work by 3:00. That'll just leave me the Springfield cluster in November that I'll need time off for and the Cardi Nationals in April. By spring the bills should be paid off, and voila! I can go back to ONE job again!!!

Also for next spring/summer, I want to add another puppy: the blue foundation bitch I've been dreaming of. Since they are not always easy to come by, I'd better get on the ball and start talking to breeders who may be producing what I'm looking for.

Anyone got any recommendations?

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