Monday, July 20, 2009

Celtic Celebration

I forgot to take my camera! Aargh!! *facepalm*

On Saturday, I took the dogs to the Celtic Celebration in Belfast, Maine, to participate in their Celtic dog breeds demonstration. Although the morning was a soggy one, the location was beautiful, right on the waterfront. When we arrived, "FERG 'N SONS" were playing for the small crowd who were staying dry under the big tent. They are a terrific bagpipe and drum trio from Unity, Maine, consisting of Kathy Van Deventer and her two sons, Josef and Joel. Although I loved the music, Elli and Ian weren't too sure about it; the bag pipes were a little loud for those huge ears. Joy's Collie, Alice, "sang" along with the music. Must be the Scots in her. The Welsh apparently have no use for musical instruments that sound like geese being slaughtered. Or maybe having an orgasm.

After the music ended, the dogs started gathering for the demo. Representing the Celts were an Irish Wolfhound, three Collies, three Pembroke Welsh Corgis, a West Highland White Terrier (sporting a jaunty kilt and balmoral), three Bearded Collies, a Border Collie, two Golden Retrievers, and my two Cardigan Welsh Corgis. Of course, the British can never resist interfering with the Celts: one Jack Russell Terrier came for the demo as well.

Dogs and people were all well-behaved and had a good time. Lots of folks came over to the grooming table to greet the Cardis and ask questions. Elli greeted everyone with a customary face-kiss and demonstrated a complete lack of anything whatsoever resembling manners. Ian was his usual gentlemanly self, accepting the attention with dignity and grace. Needless to say, only HE went up on stage with me!

I'd love to share with you all the details of my 2-minute talk on the Cardigan Welsh Corgi, but unfortunately the pants-shitting terror engendered by any form of public speaking gave me instant PTSD and rendered me an amnesiac. I think I might have said something about them proving they are not small dogs, just big dogs with no legs, everytime they run into you, and maybe mentioned that they need a job to do or they'll make up their own -- interior decorating and wood craving being two of the most popular -- but it's mostly a blur. Some of the questions asked included: how long do they live, how much does he weigh, why are their legs so short, etc. We were also able to demonstrate side-by-side the differences between a Cardi and a Pem.

In addition to musical performances and other demonstrations, the festival offered food and craft vendors. (Though I am a little perplexed by the prominently placed "Thai Food" cart.) It was a great time, and I hope to go next year. Maybe by then I can speak in front of people without feeling and sounding like a complete head case.

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