Saturday, July 4, 2009

Puppy Evaluation continued: Elli at 8 1/2 months

Yesterday, the sun actually came out for about 4.5 seconds! Not one to waste an opportunity, I whipped out the grooming table and grabbed the camera for another photo op. Elli was less than impressed, but the endeavor DID involve cheese, so she forebore.

Front at 8 1/2 months:

For comparison, here's her front at 6 months:

Although her rib cage is still not shaped quite correctly, her chest HAS dropped some and she looks a little less like a tube. The shape of the white on her chest doesn't do her any favors -- she looks lopsided, like one shoulder sticks out further than the other.

Rear at 8 1/2 months:

...and at 6 months:

I can see where her haunches are more muscled, but otherwise her rear is pretty comparable.

Show side at 8 1/2 months:

And at 6 months:

I DEFINITELY see a difference here. She looks as though she's gained some length, the sternum comes out further in front, the chest has dropped some, and her neck has filled out nicely. If only she hadn't stuck her tongue out just then...

Right side at 8 1/2 months:

And 6 months:
MUCH better!! Straighter topline, better silhouette, more substance, just overall vast improvement.

Overall, I'm feeling much better about what I'm seeing. However, what the photo doesn't show is that Elli is still quite small. Balanced, but small. Her littermate is easily half again as big. I'm also not sure about her movement. She looks good going, but in front it looks like she's throwing a leg to the outside as she moves, probably a result of her elbows being quite close in.

I think where I'm coming down is that she is probably a decent foundation to build on (assuming she passes her health tests, natch). She'll need a stud with more bone and a tip-top front. And preferably a good tailset, as Elli's is a little high. Does anyone have any recommendations for a blue merle stud answering that description?

Comments? Am I way off-base?


  1. What's her pedigree? I just found your blog and don't know who she is. :)

    I don't know how much quality you have in the ring in your area, but that might have bearing on how easy it would be to show her. She doesn't look bad to me, although as you pointed out I don't love her front for many reasons. But if she's smallish, and she's fairly plainly marked, and she's black...they can get lost pretty easily.

  2. Her dam is Ch. Woodrose Pudleduck Rumour Has It (Reba), owned and bred by Karen Lyons. Her sire is Kathy Schwabe's BISS Ch. Phi-Vestavia Neon Black. Ring quality varies from show to show. There are some really nice Cardis in the area, and some not so great -- all depends on what's entered that weekend.

  3. I'm no expert, but I can say that Galaxy's front turnout has done some WONKY things, then come back. Galaxy's not likely show quality, but she does have correct turnout... one of the few nice things about her ;0P