Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Blue Christmas

More like a blue spring, actually, but it's my Christmas Wish so we'll go with it.

Most of you probably read Joanna's blog so you know already that her Clue is pregnant by Ch. Pecan Valley Draco. Much happy dancing here as I am crossing my fingers hardcore that Clue will have a special little blue kid for me when all is born, counted, weaned and evaluated.

Despite my own admonishments to myself about not getting my hopes up sky-high, I've already circled the Maine shows in Union as her (or slightly less preferably his?) show debut, and I have eight possible names jotted down on a growing list, along with another list of items I'll need for the new baby. I've weighed rearranging the bedroom based on the need for a baby crate, and casually mentioned that maybe we could forego the dining table in favor of an ex-pen in that kitchen corner. This last was met with a gimlet stare from the hubby. I may need a Plan B. I stood in Pet Quarters staring at the baby collars and debated which color would look best on a blue merle. (Is pink too girly?) And convinced myself that whatever I get I'll need a matching leash, because color coordination is important.

I've so far managed to not email Joanna for hourly updates; cyber-stalking is not attractive. 'Til the due date anyway... (I kid!! kinda...)

*ahem* As I believe I've mentioned, I have Issues.

Please, Santa? I've been a very good girl this year...


  1. Gotta say, purple looks smashing on blues - either gender. Bug's agility slip lead is purple.

    Very exciting news!

  2. Hunter green is good as well -- I remember waiting for Chase's litter to be born in far-off Orygun. I'm surprised Carolyn didn't tell me to just forget it. BUT, it's a wonderful anticipation feeling in the pit of your stomach. Here's hoping Clue provides you with you Christmas wish.

  3. I've always thought that royal blue (or Ritz Carlton blue) is a wonderful color for merles. Bobby's tracking harness and first leash and collar were RC blue. Hope Santa (or the Easter Bunny) bring you a blue pup of your own.

  4. My blues have both been boys, so I've had blue leashes/collars for them... I show them with a black show lead, tho some show with white... I honestly don't think that any color could go wrong on a blue... :) Good luck on that special blue kid :)

  5. I like argyle and Bella's everyday is a blue/pink argyl combo. Her show lead is white with blue gems ;)