Wednesday, December 16, 2009

I have Issues

Issue #1:
It started innocently enough. I decided I would bake Christmas cookies for folks this year rather than going the cheesecake route. This necessitated expanding my cookie collection beyond one Scottish Terrier and one dog biscuit shape because, while cute, they didn't so much shout "Christmas." So I bought a three-pack of holiday cutters. Then I found a package with 6 mini holiday-themed cutters, and I bought that too. Then I decided that I need big ones and small ones of each shape so I could make those cook jam-filled cookies with the cut out top, so I wandered into the cooking store downtown, and

Yahtzee!! LOTS of cookie cutters. Typical holiday shapes, tourist-trap-buy-this-stupid-thing-for-someone-at-home stuff like lobsters and moose. And also, a Labrador Retriever. Which gave me the idea to do a cookie-themed bag for the kennel club Christmas party and Yankee swap. (Cookie mixes, biscuit and lab-shaped cutters, dog cookies, a little booklet on baking your own dog biscuits, and two Yankee Candle holiday votives in the Christmas Cookie scent.)

Then the next day, I decided that I needed to add a Lab to my own collection, so I went back for another. And then I got to wondering if I might find more dog breed cookie cutters on line. And boy DID I! All of which leads me to...

Issue #2:
I am clearly a conformation snob. Because, when I saw this corgi cookie cutter?

The ONLY thing I could think of was: "Oh my God!! What a HORRIBLE top line!!"

Yeah. Issues.


  1. Perhaps you could do a little extra grooming on the corgi cookie cutter and straighten out the top line. Can't imagine why the owner entered THAT dog!

  2. I am always messing with them. Fix the topline, give the horse ones some hock angulation, try to give the cats some shoulder... we're all sick, I tell you ;).

  3. Too funny! I have a Cardigan copper cookie cutter but mine doesn't have a topline issue. A couple of Christmases back, I spent hours and hours messing with dough, rolling it out, rolling it out some more, getting flour everywhere, and ended up with about 15 cookies. Needless to say, that cookie cutter has stayed in the drawer ever since! My domestic skills were definitely NOT up to the task!

  4. The Cardi cutter at this site is much better... I have a couple of these somewhere. Oh, and referring to my post on 6 Degrees of Sam. Ian is a Sam grandson so, you are in the party too!

  5. Funny you should mention the gooddogexpress site: I found that site in my web search too, and ordered the Cardi (and the Beagle, and the Bassett, and I think a Poodle). It's a sickness, I tell ya.

    And yup, Ian's a twig on the "Samily" tree.