Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Shots of the faerie changeling


  1. Such a cute boy. I don't know about Magnum, but Emma's muzzle grew a LOT this week - I swear it grew a couple of inches during her morning nap the other day! Made her eyes look too close together, then the rest of the skull caught up the next morning. Such flexible bendy-things they are at this age.

    I'm still waiting on ears, they're showing signs of popping, but not quite there yet. Guess we'll be taping this weekend after camping. He's got a beautiful topline in that self-stack photo you took! I'll have some more photos of Emma tonight - have to get them off the camera.

  2. Some day hell get ya for that full frontal nudity shot, but darn its cute. He really doesnt look as awkward as you described, he is in that big head and ears stage. I think he is very handsome still.