Monday, April 5, 2010

Yup. Still suck.

Since it was 78 (78!!!!) degrees yesterday, and since I had the grooming table out to comb out the big kids, I decided to try and get some stacked photos of Magnum. Aaaaaaand, newsflash: I still suck at stacking.

The good news is that, after the photo session, hubby made me a stacking stand. All I need now is some pieces of rubber matting or carpet to put down for traction on the foot bars, and it's good to go. Have I mentioned how wonderful my hubby is?

Other activities for the weekend: I and four other ladies rented the training center in Lincolnville so we could work on Open stuff in anticipation of the trials the weekend of the 17th. I also have Ian entered at both obedience trials at the Nationals, because why only embarass yourself locally when you can do it at the national level? Hey, go big or go home!

There were two Labs, two Goldens, and Ian. I felt like we were crashing a Sporting specialty. Ian did fairly well, considering that we left our dumbbell at home and he had to use a Lab-sized one. The retrieve is always a will-he-or-won't-he prospect, so we'll see. He was also cutting the corner off the broad jump, so I need to try and fix that before the 18th.

I had a little time to kill before the training session, so Ian and I got a good walk around Camden, and some quiet, cuddle time on a bench overlooking the harbor before we went. It felt good to give him some one-on-one Mom time, since so much of my dog time lately has been devoted to getting Magnum socialized and house-trained. I can't believe that there was ever a time when Ian wasn't in my life and in my heart.

In addition to the photo op yesterday, I took Elli for a long, brisk walk, one-on-one. She's perhaps eating a little too well on this raw diet, and she's carrying a couple of extra pounds I need to take off of her. Since Elli doesn't do cuddle time ("Ew, Mom, stop with the mushy stuff. Gross!"), this was good one-on-one time for her.

All three got individual, 5-minute work sessions in the house Saturday evening. You know you need a bigger place when you don't have space to set up the bar stools and do an adequate figure-8 in the house. :-/

As I was working on grooming, I'm now seeing a difference in Ian and Elli's coats as a result of the raw diet. It does seem shinier and healthier. Yay!! I'm glad I finally caved to Joanna's advise and undertook this, wiggins over the gross stuff notwithstanding.

I'm still not buying a beef heart and cutting it up myself, though.


  1. When I began feeding raw, I remember how hard I tried to NOT TOUCH the green tripe because it is so gross. Several years later, I seem to touch just about anything, including that nasty tripe, liver, beef heart . . . it just gets easier all the time. The rewards are huge!

  2. Raw is the BEST!! It is amazing the difference it can make on coat and conditioning! People constantly ask us about what shampoo we use or what we spray on their coats to get them so shiny!

    Exceptional coat comes from the inside~

    Congratulations on make a positive change for the health of your dogs!!