Friday, September 3, 2010

More brags on Magnum

Just checked Joanna's blog, and apparently I don't brag fast enough, so allow me to rectify that right now. :-)

Magnum went WD/BOW/BOS yesterday for two points to add to the 3-point major he has. He picked up another Reserve today, so that's two wins and two Reserves in 5 shows. Not bad for a guy who's only 7 months old!

Magnum also received an invitation from Paula O'Donnell to be my Plus One at her gathering later this month (or maybe I'm his Plus One. Hmm.) I hope to have her go over him and give me her opinion. I know she's tough on dogs so I'll be shaking in my shoes, but I'm pleased as punch with him right now.

A humongous thanks to Joanna for letting me run away with this Magnum-ificent blue boy!


  1. Yay!! Congratulations! I hope you do well today and tomorrow. and c/t on the faster bragging! ;-)

  2. YOU GUYS ROCK!!!! can't wait for Macungie!!!