Wednesday, September 8, 2010

New visuals of the Mag-Man

For once, I actually remembered to take my camera to handling class (I know, right?), which was fortuitous, since I was the only one who showed up. My friend and instructor Donna played paparazzi to get some shots of Magnum, photo and video. Here is Himself, at 7 and a half months.

And, links to the videos on Youtube, since Blogger is apparently going to take roughly 523.87 years to load and embed the video in the post.

This is what Magnum thinks of all the red carpet treatment:


  1. that yawn photo is hillarious!!! Not sure which is funnier though? This or the Kong pic! hahaha

    Blue Power!!!

  2. I'm glad all the wins, and fame aren't getting to his head, wouldn't want to ruin his fun nature with a sassy attitude!

    Such a doll :)

  3. that boy's got it! He's beautiful.

  4. Oh my goodness, he's got PANTS all of a sudden! How cute is that!

    You know how much I love him - I'm so glad he's turning out so well for you.

  5. Less pictures more cookies! He really is a cutie.