Friday, April 17, 2009

And then again...

Boy, ask ten people for an opinion and you'll get ten different answers. So, two weeks ago at the shows in Springfield, the two Cardi breeders I asked to evaluate Elli weren't all that whooped about her, citing many of the same "flaws" that I did. Bummer.

Then, at a kennel club meeting last night, I had two OTHER Cardi breeders look at her, and they both really like her. Aargh. Of course, this shouldn't surprise me, considering the judges are much the same way, each liking different things.

Ah, dog shows. More or less a crapshoot.

However, I'm feeling less discourage than I was two weeks ago. I guess the moral of the story is that we just need to see how she grows up. She may end up being the foundation of Smalltyme Cardigans after all.

Memo to self: Insert some pictures into the blog when you're at home this weekend.

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  1. This is how it's been with my Galaxy. Some people say "OMG! Get RID OF HER!", others say "Hold out, she's SLOW maturing. Give her a few years, and she'll be an AWESOME foundation girl".

    The joy of being a clueless newbie. All I know is I got Cee for her drive, and bidability, wanting a sound performance dog. I got a DREAM performance girl, but am holding breath, crossing fingers, and praying for miracles on the show quality aspect! Ahh well, someday I'll have a nice show dog :)