Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The Corgis made me do it!

...or, rather, the friends and family who are sick of hearing about them ad nauseum, along with all of my other random musings, TV obsession, and general weirdness. So hey, why not start a blog and display same on the internet?

The Cardigan Welsh Corgi nationals are taking place this week in Topeka, Kansas. I'm not able to attend this year, and am green with envy of all those who are. But freaking Kansas! Really?! Can I even get there from here?

So the dogs and I are home here, muddling through another work week. For me, mind-numbing boredom. For the dogs, all-day playtime at Grammy's house. I think they have the better deal!

Ian showed down in Springfield, MA two weeks ago and picked up 3 points on Saturday (his THIRD major) and Reserve both Friday and Sunday. Not a bad weekend's work. That makes twelve points in total. Just three more to go!! How neat would it be to have titles on both ends? A nice CH. to go with his CD!

Training for Open obedience continues. Ian has a rough idea of how to do everything, but he insists on picking up the dumbbell by the end instead of the middle. At this point, I'll take a points off if he'll just keep ahold of it the whole way in.

Elli, the 6 month-old baby of the family, is going to be an awesome agility dog. She can run circles around her brother and can turn on a dime. She was supposed to be a show dog and my foundation bitch, but it doesn't look like she has a future in the conformation ring at this point. Damn! But what a fun girl! She makes me laugh every day, and she's going to be hell on wheels when it comes to performance events.

Still need a show girl, though!!!

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