Friday, February 12, 2010

Bad Blogger. Bad, bad blogger.

Gee, so much for a week of lovely, helpful, Agility-at-a-Glance posts. I can only plead 72 hour work weeks and a YCWCC Bylaws meeting, with the subsequent typing of said bylaws. Which had to be done from scratch because I didn't have an editable format for the previous incarnation. With the old set typed in strike-through, and the new additions in red. Fun. Now, why do I volunteer to do these things, again?

I am so. tired. y'all.

Though somehow, I doubt I'm anywhere near as tired as Joanna. So enough whining. If you haven't already, go over to her blog and look at the most recent puppy photos. Warning: Near-fatal cuteness. I hope to see some of those pictures entered in the photo contest at the Nationals!

Hopefully next week I'll finish the AKC Agility post I've got started and stashed in Draft format. I got about halfway through before my brain turned completely to mush and started dribbling out my ears. Stay tuned!

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