Monday, February 15, 2010

The new addition

You all know how much I'm jonesing for a puppy, specifically a blue puppy. Sometimes, though, there comes along a dog that just has to come home with you, no matter the color. So, please join me in welcoming my new red and white puppy, Clarence:

Er, make that my new red and white puppet.

Okay, so he's a fluffy, and he has no neck, and the rear angulation is really bad, his face is lopsided, he's roach-backed, and I think he's actually a Pem with a tail, but still! How often do you happen into a village bookstore and find a

How could I NOT bring him home?

Now, if only Elli would stop growling at him...


  1. You had me going for a minute there, Dawn! Very nice! :)

  2. Keep him out of reach -- your real Cardigans might be forced to destroy the interloper.

  3. Penni, I think that's on Elli's agenda! She's been growling at it ever since I brought it home. Silly girl!

  4. So umm, where do you stick your hand exactly?

  5. LOL! The hand goes in behind the front legs. You can move the mouth, and the front legs a little.