Wednesday, February 24, 2010

By the Numbers (Or, Wanted: One Trust Fund)

...or a rich sugar-daddy. But the trust fund would be preferable. A big trust fund.

In the space of about 2 months, I have on my agenda:

  • 2 new tires for the car
  • 1 vehicle registration
  • 8 nights in hotels
  • 1 show puppy
  • 6 weeks of puppy kindergarten
  • 13 show/trial entries
  • 1 week at the Nationals
  • 4 nights of camper and campsite rental

Now I know why my work week = 64 hours.

Clearly, I am insane.


  1. I try not to add up the dog related expenses! I am afraid I would see that I could retire a whole lot sooner if I just directed all that dog money in the retirement direction! Trust funds and sugar daddies don't seem likely....maybe we better start playing the lottery!

  2. I keep waiting for someone rich to just adopt me. I'm talented, and have a super adorable kid- built-in Grandbaby!! Surely SOMEONE out there didn't have a kid while younger, and really NEEDS me.

    Damn student loans, and expensive pet habits!

  3. oh I keep hoping a long lost rich relative leaves all they have to me :)

    I try not to write it all down...then I realize how much I'm spending, why i'm always working and still broke! Writing it all down makes me nuts! :)