Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Pomp and Circumstance

Tonight is Magnum's graduation from Puppy K, to be followed in a couple of weeks with a beginner's course at Thom's. Since this will be my third set of Basic with Thom, I darn well better have the best behaved puppy in class. If I don't, shame on ME! If I remember to take the camera with me tonight then there will be photos tomorrow. Anyone want to start a betting pool on how many seconds Magnum will leave the cap on his head? I'm gonna go with negative 1.5.

This weekend, Ian and Elli are entered Friday through Sunday at the shows in Scarborough. It's a lovely site at the Wassamki Campground when the weather is nice, and the forecast for the weekend is superb (we need to borrow that club's Weather Chairman!). There are only three dogs entered in the classes each day, so fingers crossed super-tight that Ian can go 2 out of 3 and FINALLY finish. Not counting on it, but it would sure be nice! If Ian doesn't come up WD, then I get to console myself by showing Karen and Cheryl's Brady in Best of Breed. I adore that dog; he's gorgeous and super-fun. I just need to convince him to stand and look pretty for his treat rather than sitting.

Magnum is going to Wassamki as well to take in the show atmosphere and have a little puppy party with Mary and Nancy's puppies, Song and Aldo. I hesitate to take him out in public at all right now because OH GOD! is he going through the puppy uglies. I mean, to John Q. Public, he's a cute and engaging puppy. But these are show people! And here's Hocky McHockerton all up on his hocks, legs flying everywhere, skinny tubey body, ears out to here... maybe I'll cut up a sheet, cut a couple of eye-holes, and make believe he's at a costume party. No one gaze directly upon the monstrosity!!

At least I've: a) seen photos of other Pecan Valley dogs and how they develop; and b) gone through the puppy fuh-HUG-lies with Elli, so I'm not doing the "oh sweet lord in heaven what the hell have I bought?!" panic dance thing this time around, but I imagine there will be some raised eyebrows at my "show puppy". He's four months old, people; he's SUPPOSED to look heinous right now.

Oh! Elli's photo from the Nationals arrived last week. All that drama, and it was really kind of a crappy picture. Elli wasn't stacked well AT ALL. I should have taken more time to set her up the way I wanted instead of relying on the photographer to tell me where to set her legs. $40.00 lesson learned. If I ever get a minute to hook up the scanner to my laptop, I'll scan it in and post, but I'm mighty disappointed after all the photo angsting. :-(


  1. Good luck, Dawn and Ian. I am sorry I won't be up there to catch a peek of Magnum, but for my sanity and stomach's sake it is better I am not! :-)

  2. Best of luck! I hope this weekend will bring forth 2 new champions!

  3. I'm hoping to enter Ella in a fun match this weekend. She's in the same kind of stages, but it's just for practice. At least you have ears! Good luck to you and Ian!