Saturday, May 8, 2010

A Super-sized order of Legs, with a side of Ears

Aaaaaaaand, we've reached the stage of development where it's All Legs, All The Time. This puppy is growing like a weed. I think Joanna fed him some Miracle Gro while he was at her house. Fifteen weeks is NOT the most attractive time in Cardi development, that's for sure.

Oh, okay, maybe not ALL legs. Because these ears? Can pick up channels from Japanese satellites. We measured, and they're actually 1/2 inch longer than Ian's already. If this guy grows into his ears and feet, he's going to be YOOOGE. YOOOOOOGE!!!


  1. Bwahh! Well, at least I warned you :). I sure wish we had developmental time machines. Right now the two I have here could have trucks driven under them; I just keep looking at Clue's and Friday's pictures and repeating "It'll end... They all look normal in a few months... Please, please look normal in a few months!"