Friday, May 14, 2010

Rock Stah!

After having Magnum at her house during Nationals week, Joanna said to me that Magnum attracts more attention than any five dogs. That is SO true.

Before our Puppy K class on Wednesday, we went over to Camden to walk around the park and up and down Main Street. I literally could not pass people without receiving some comment on him. "What kind of dog is that?" "He has Husky eyes." "I've never seen that color before." "How big will he get?" "Look at those ears!" And, my favorite, "Squeeeeeeeeeee!!!" At one point he was descended upon by about 8 teenagers, all scootching down, squeeing, and petting him. That kind of a cluster#$%& would have freaked a lot of puppies out, but he let them all pet him, licked hands, and yeah, okay, he may have tried to jump on a couple people. We'll break him of that eventually.

Beyond the friendliness, though, what REALLY impressed me was how well he walked with me up and down Main Street. Magnum isn't used to a ton of traffic, and there's a TON of it going through downtown Camden this time of year. Lots of cars, lots of foot traffic. There were kids on skateboards, men on ladders, little kids, big trucks and motorcycles going by, you name it. I would have fully expected ANY puppy or young dog to be all over the place, looking at and sniffing all of these crazy new distractions.

Magnum? Walked beside me perfectly, loose leash, looking up at me with only a glance here and there to grab a quick look at things and to see where he was going. You guys, IAN doesn't walk through town that nicely on leash. And he knows what "Heel!" means. I can only pray that I don't somehow screw Magnum up, because if he can focus this well at 16 weeks then I may have a lovely obedience dog on my hands, in addition to being "Look at me, I'm gorgeous!"

Joanna, if I win the Powerball, I'm going to commission like FIFTY puppies from you. And you really need to make some business cards and send me a bunch to hand out. They'll be flocking to you in droves.

Have I mentioned how much I love this puppy? ;-)


  1. Cardis always seem to garner alot of attention out in public, so I can just imagine how one as strikingly beautiful as Magnum and a puppy to boot would pull in a crowd! It must be overwhelming!

  2. Oh, my sweet Aussie pup was like that when I got him, and then he hit about 6 months old and became a crazy, annoying pre-teen boy and refuses to look at me unless I make him. I have my fingers crossed that once he gets out of this phase it will come back. You have inspired me to work harder on getting it back though, it is a truly wonderful attribute!

  3. Maybe in three or four generations I'll be able to take some credit, but right now I'm just riding on coat-tails of people who care about temperament. He IS, and I say this with no personal pride, one of the nicest puppies EVER. I just LOVED having him.