Monday, September 14, 2009

Cardis: You TOO can train your humans!!

Elli is historically quite disgusted that her forelegs are too short to adequately hold a bone for chewing. So, she has undertaken a dedicated and strenuous training program:

And, she is happy to report that it has been an overwhelming success. She now simply deposits the bone in my husband's lap, or drops it on his foot (as a mild correction for losing focus), and he holds it for her. No more need to chase it around the rug or prop it against the chair leg. No more getting it covered with hair as it slides across the kitchen floor. No more losing it under the couch or loveseat. Just nudge and drop into the outstretched hand.

Coming Soon: Now you too can train your human to hold bones, throw a ball, and give cookies on command! Sign up today for "The Longing Stare", and receive a 50% off voucher on "Cute Vocalizations For Fun and Profit."

Elli is a transplant to Maine after moving here from Virginia in December of 2008. She has requested her own Taxpayer ID number and is currently shopping for a web host for She will soon be offering Webinars on Human Obedience 101. Reserve your spot today!


  1. Chase is kind of a know-it-all, but nonetheless wants to know if easterners have some training tricks that the desert dogs don't know. Please put him on the Webinair list.

  2. Good girl Elli! Does she train with positive reinforcement? I hope she is more coordinated than I with the clicker LOL.