Thursday, September 10, 2009


Okay, I'll admit to a possibly unhealthy obsession with American Idol. I mean, I don't go to the concerts and throw my panties on stage or anything (although -- hey, Adam: call me!), but when it's on the TV, I'm there. So it is with the WTFiest of WTFs that I say: "Seriously, American Idol? Ellen Degeneres is going to be your fourth judge for 2010?

Exactly what expertise does she have in the music industry? She has a freaking talk show where they play music while she dances (badly). How does this make her qualified to judge singers? And if her guest judge stint on So You Think You Can Dance is any indication, she is going to do the exact opposite of helping to bring the show in on time.

I could maybe see having her host the show, but judge? It's bad enough that Randy is completely useless; now we have to have Ellen too?

Wow. That was a really BIG shark, and American Idol cleared it by a country mile.

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