Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Is that my uppance I hear coming?

Elli, Ian and Tessa - The Three Musketeers

After the last few handling classes, I've been feeling pretty cocky about Elli at least showing herself nicely this weekend, even if I don't expect her to win. So I took her to Ian's class to have multiples people handle her on the table during the sit and down stays. Cocky now? Not so much.

I thought she had gotten better about being examined on the table, but it turns out she's only gotten better about DONNA examining her on the table. I guess I've got more work to do with keeping her still to have her bite examined. Nothing like an 11-month old puppy to keep you humble!

On the ground, she's obviously having delusions of grandeur: she thinks she's a German Shepherd, and a group dog. Before the down and back, she glances over at the line as if to say, "Are you ready? Are you all watching this?" She flies out to the end of her lead -- the picture of Little Miss Confidence. And boy, you should see the strut she puts on when she hears applause! If the judging were based on attitude, she'd have it in the bag.

Ah, well. Whatever happens, it'll be a learning experience. For both of us.

Ian was such a happy, happy worker at class, other than having to hold that pesky glove in his mouth. He came the first time I called him on both recalls, and he's doing better on his pivots and his get-backs, but I can see the effects of his injury on his rear-end coordination when he backs up in a straight line: before, I could back him all the way across the room at pretty much full speed; his steps are slower and sloppier now, like either he isn't completely sure where his feet are, or he's telling them to move but they're not going exactly where he wants them. It won't effect his ability to work in the obedience ring as long as he's able to jump, but I'm not even going to try him on the jumps for a while. As to whether his gait will come back to the point where I can finish him... time will tell.

*yawn* Long day. Time to crash.


  1. That last photo of the two snuggle bugs is too darling. I love it!! I am so glad to hear Ian is doing so well in class. I hope he continues to improve!

    Good luck this weekend with Ellie.

  2. It's nice that Elli flies out like that. Mine stick to my leg like static cling. :(