Tuesday, September 22, 2009

When Mr. Murphy does the judging schedule

"Are you gonna throw that Kong?"

I'm showing Elli for just the second time this weekend. I'm also scheduled to work my regular 3-11 on Saturday and Sunday but, since the shows are only 45 minutes to an hour away, I figured I'd be golden. That gives me till 1:30 or so before I need to leave the show grounds. It's a small show; it can't run very late, right? Right?

sigh* Cardis are in at 10:00 on Saturday, so no worries there. But on Sunday, they're listed at 1:30 -- and they are last in that block, so based on the entry before them we probably won't hit the ring until 2:30 or after. Which means I either need to skip Sunday's show or do cartwheels to get someone to work for me. Damn you, Murphy. Damn you!!

Also in the Who'da Thunk? category: Cardis have the 4th highest entry in the show. There's a 4-point major in bitches on Saturday, 3 points on Sunday. (Only a point available in dogs each day.)

Oh, and Cheryl will have her litter of Smarty puppies there -- can't wait to see the little ones!

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  1. Murphy is omni-present. When I entered puppy Chase in his first shows, I also entered Kip in Obedience -- ring time for both 8:00 AM. I handed Chase off to my labrador buddy and got back to the conformation rings (after Obedience) in time for someone to hand me a purple ribbon and tell me he looked great -- sigh! The second day, I got back in time for Winners so had the opportunity to make a fool of myself. Whenever I have an entry in Obedience or Rally and also in conformation, there is a conflict.