Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Full Week into Raw Diet

Ian and Elli are now one full week into a totally raw diet, as opposed to the half raw, half kibble diet they were getting before that. The week broke down like this:
  • Tues: AM - chicken thigh; PM - Beef bones, yogurt, egg
  • Wed: AM - chicken thigh; PM - chicken giblets, beef liver
  • Thur: AM - chicken thigh; PM - stew beef
  • Fri: AM - pork meat; PM - stew beef
  • Sat: AM - chicken thigh; PM - yogurt, beef heart (which the butcher was kind enough to cut up for me, even if he did think I was nuts)
  • Sun: AM - chicken thigh; PM - veggie slop
  • Mon: AM - chicken thigh; PM - pork meat
  • Today: AM - chicken thigh; PM - will be the last dab of pork meat and some tripe (Thanks, Taryn, for the suggestion of the Bravo frozen Green tripe. Found some close by!)
I know chicken backs would undoubtedly be cheaper than feeding the thighs. However, no one in the immediate vicinity seems to have them on hand, and I don't particularly want to order a 40 lb. case, at least not until I can buy a chest freezer to put downstairs. The thighs (or drumsticks if I decide to go that route once in a while) are quick and easy to grab at the grocery store. The Animal House, where I picked up the tripe, also carries several frozen raw products, so that will be a good, convenient resource for some of the more "exotic" stuff. I quite like that store, and will no doubt become a frequent flyer.

I can't say I'm noticing any radical changes in the dogs yet in terms of coat. I'll be interested to see if there is any difference in the coming weeks. I've been feeling their ribs a ridiculous number of times a day to make sure they're not gaining weight, and they both seem to be holding well there. I do notice the difference in their stools, and in better breath. They do still get a night-time "cookie," but no more kibble other than the handful I use as training treats.

There hasn't been any diarrhea, and only the one incident of (truly impressive) projectile vomiting. Elli has spit up some foam twice, indicating that she does get hungrier between meals with the, um, faster moving raw meaty bone in the morning instead of the stick-to-the-ribs kibble. She gets a small lunch cookie, so as long as dinner isn't unnecessarily delayed that should hold her.

In short, they're both happy, healthy dogs. Ian thinks life is grand; now if only he would discover the joys of chewing and actually, you know, tasting his food. I never would have believed a chicken thigh could disappear that fast. Elli is adapting to the new regime; she takes a little more time with her food, chewing pieces of meat off the bone and then chewing up the bone afterward. She's becoming quite the little princess; maybe having a new little brother to terrorize her will rub some of this new-found dignity off of her!


  1. Looks outstanding! I'm totally going to point the other new buyers to you to see how to set up the diet when you're new to it.

    I usually see the coat start to change along the spine, then it spreads down the sides over a few weeks. It's not like "my dog was a Lab and now he's an Afghan, what what!" It's a hard shine and thickness; it's softer but not wet or open (i.e., won't turn your dog into a fluff).

    If you found Bravo, do you still want the tube of tripe from me on Saturday? I am guessing you still want the beef mix/organs but if you have a good source for the tripe you probably don't need mine. Sterling split four ways with other Dane breeders and got something like 1300 lb this time; makes my little 70-lb order look like peanuts!

  2. I should be all set on the tripe, but I'll take the beef/organ mix. :-)