Monday, March 15, 2010

Uh, waiter? This is NOT what I ordered.

Yesterday I got to play with my new toy: the food processor. I've had an anemic blender for years; it was a "hey, look, a stowaway!" that I got when I moved into an apartment and it had been left behind by the former tenant. It went nicely with the 4 etched-glass margarita glasses that I got from another apartment I had moved into. Ah, the rummage sale life of a serial renter. But this is the first food processor I've owned. And it is AWESOME.

So yesterday was the test run on the processor's raison d'etre -- veggie slop for the dogs. (Though there are definitely some rum balls in that processor's future!) Hamburger, kale, green beans, summer squash, apples, minced garlic, salmon oil, eggs, and yogurt. Several batches were run through the processor until I had a huge mixing bowl full, about 17 to 18 cups of slop all told, which was enough for suppers last night, and five 3-cup containers in the freezer for the weeks to come.

How did the veggie slop go over, you ask?

Ian: "Cool! Food!" snarf snarf snarf snarf

Elli: takes one look and motions me over. "Excuse me, but this is not the meal I ordered."

Me: "It's good for you. There's plenty of meat in there. Eat your supper."

Elli: raises an eyebrow at the bowl with the slop in question. "This is not food."

Me: "It IS food. Eat your supper."

Elli: sits down. "I'd like to speak with a member of the management."

Me: "Um, that would be ME. Eat your supper!"

Elli: "There's a fly in my soup."

Me: "See, I told you there was meat. Eat!"

Elli: wanders over to see what Ian is eating.

Ian: "Isn't this great?!" snarf snarf snarf

Elli: "Men!"

Me: "Elli! Go. Eat. Your. Dinner!"

Elli: "You have clearly taken leave of your senses. I am sure there is nothing in this world that would compel me to eat this... this substance you are pushing at me."

Sabbat the Cat: wanders over to see what's in Elli's bowl

Elli: "Hey!! You!! Get the hell away from my dinner!" digs in and starts eating.


  1. Very funny, esp. the part about the cat! I have to say, I can't imagine a corgi turning their nose up at anything...maybe citrus fruit, but that's about it!

  2. My dogs even love orange sections -- so it's really difficult to imagine a corgi (either brand) refusing to eat something unless he/she is really ill!

    It's lucky the cat came along and restored Elli to her right mind.

  3. Goodness, your dogs are so not related to mine. LOL! I think I could put sawdust in their bowls and it would be at least halfway through before they noticed.

  4. Your dogs ARE related to mine but we might have to disown Elli if she's going to be like that. No self-respecting member of the Samily tree ever turns down food of any sort. Their motto is, "Eat First. If it doesn't agree with you, there are ways to get rid of it."

  5. Are you absolutely SURE that Elli is a Nicky daughter? Nicky would NEVER turn away from anything even vaguely edible, and neither will any of his other kids. The only picky eater in this house is Chase... and he is not really related...

    Give her time... She will figure out that this is such a wonderful improvement over that nasty kibble stuff... ;-)

  6. Hey! That reminds me that I want to name a dog "Raison D'etre." I've never heard it anywhere before (outside of the anime I picked it up from, "Ergo Proxy") and am terribly delighted!