Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Socialization - Day Three. Or, Magnum charms the pants off everyone

Seriously, Joanna, if you breed another litter you will be able to sell it twenty times over -- every person who has met Magnum has tried to steal him and take him home.

Today the little man went with me when I got the oil changed in the car. We sat in the waiting room, and Magnum amused himself by alternating between playing with his little squid toy and charming the other patrons. There were lots of pets and compliments on how pretty he was and how well-behaved for such a little guy, and one lady sat right down next to me and asked if she could pick him up. He obliged her by snuggling up and kissing her chin. He certainly knows how to work a room!

The only potential bugaboos were the mechanic, who apparently looked a little iffy in his, um, mechanic-ey jacket, and a little boy who was maybe three years old or so, wearing a raincoat. The mechanic bent down and offered Magnum some of the cheese I'd brought for that express purpose. Magnum took it willingly and decided that maybe he wasn't an axe murderer after all.
The little boy looked kinda leery himself of the puppy, so I passed on asking the mom to have him feed Magnum. There'll be plenty more opportunities for him to see kids, and its not like they're a radical new concept for him or anything, what with Joanna's four girls.

This being my third Cardigan in, I'm used to all the "Is that a _____-corgi mix?" Usually it's a sheltie mix or a border-collie mix, but sometimes folks get creative. There was one teenage girl -- at a dog show no less -- who explained to her friend very authoritatively that Ian was a Shiba Inu. With Magnum, I'm getting the inevitable "Is that an Australian Shepherd" or "Is that an Aussie mix?" One person asked if he was a Husky. Sigh. Maybe I should invest in a T-shirt that says, "It's a Cardigan Welsh Corgi. No, not like the Queen has. The other kind of Corgi. Yes, there are two kinds of Corgi."

Anywho, after the car dealership, we went to visit a friend of mine at the University. She told me to bring him on in, so in we went, Magnum trotting along nicely on his leash just like a big boy, rather than being carried in. He was picked up and hugged, petted, kissed by at least four strangers, and at one point had eight people standing there over him, offering pats and scritches and bits of cheese. He was quite the little rock star, and had them all wrapped around his little dewclaw by the time we left.

Lastly, we did toenails and had a bath today. Dremeling was tolerated, but not a big hit. Though truly, I think he objected more to the being restrained while I did it than to the actual dremeling. I also trimmed the hair on his feet, which was tolerated. Magnum was perfectly nonchalant about the bath.

You guys, I am so delighted with this puppy. He is everything I could have wanted in a little guy -- adaptable, well-adjusted, snuggly, adventuresome, adorable, and happy happy happy! I will joyfully send people to Joanna in droves for a puppy, and when it comes my turn to have a litter, I hope I do a fraction as well with them as she's done with the Clue-lettes.


  1. It sounds like you are doing a FANTASTIC job of socialization yourself! I am starting to feel bad about what I put into socializing my guys.

    Also, your comment about the T-Shirt was funny. We've always said we need to get vests for our guys that say something like: Not I am not a mutt, I am a Cardigan Corgi, and yes, I am supposed to look like this! I am 3 and my name is Jimmy.

    People often think Jimmy is a BC mix due to his coloring and off the charts drive. And poor Wilson, people have asked if he is a Pit Bull, due to his brindle coloring.

  2. Dawn I am reading this and nodding my head as Daphne has experienced similar lovin' by the folks around here. She has met people in wheelchairs, older people, younger people and even an ornery little dog (not sure of breed) who his owner said doesen't ever like other dogs, but ran right up to and kissed Daphne. And Daphne was all mellow and kisses. And the guesses today were all border collie. Keep up the good stuff Magnum!