Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Has anyone seen my marbles?

I know y'all might find this hard to believe, but I really was relatively normal once. I used to play cards with friends, go out to eat without discussing semen extraction or heartworm, go to movies instead of dog classes, and buy clothes without wondering, "Will this go with my dog?"

Another thing I used to do? Shop at the meat counter for myself and my husband, rather than the dogs. Stew meat, chicken thighs, hamburger... we used to eat these things. Now I buy them for the dogs. We eat PB and J.

But the real clincher? I went to the grocery store today and ACTUALLY GOT EXCITED when I found a package of fresh turkey necks. And THEN? I regaled the guy at the check-out counter with the virtues of feeding raw. Me!!

Joanna, this is all your fault. You have turned me into a raw-feeding, store-clerk-lecturing, fresh-turkey-neck-thrill-seeking freak of nature. I hope you're pleased with yourself.

So, fresh off the victory of my turkey neck score in Shaw's, I moseyed into Pet Quarters to pick up a puppy collar. A collar. One collar. For the puppy. What did I come out with?

Two collars; a matching leash for one of the collars; a puppy sized Nyla bone; a Fluffy Flappy in grey and light blue to MATCH THE PUPPY; a stuffed dog to sleep in the crate with him; a puppy sized Kong; and a Kong bone with hollow ends that you can stuff with treats. And there were two other stuffed toys that I actually put back!

Good grief. If anyone finds my marbles, could you send them back to me? I'll pay the postage.


  1. A new puppy always has that effect. It's like preparing for your first grandchild -- just getting silly and buying cute stuff. Cannot wait until your baby comes home with you.

  2. Shoot - I'm just puppy-sitting and before I even got home with her I was at the store buying chewies and toys. Mind you, the puppy is only here for a week!

  3. Hilarious post! At least with all these Cardi-blogs to read, we all know we are not alone in our dog obsessions! I have to try hard not to get labeled as "that crazy dog lady" in my neighborhood. I don't think I've been very successful!

  4. LOL. Can't wait until you bring him home.