Thursday, March 25, 2010

Mr. Murphy goes to Jersey. We don't.

Poor Joanna. On the eve of her first dog show in, like, FOREVER, her hubby got hella sick, a dog needs to go to the vet, and her little one hurt herself. Mr. Murphy sure loves him a show weekend!

Given the situation, I've opted to stay home as well. A decision for which my checkbook thanks me profusely. I'm a little bummed not to be showing Elli, especially to Kathy, and I'm out the entry fees, but that's a drop in the bucket next to the hotel, gas, tolls, meals, etc. I would have spent money on.

I was also a little leery about taking Magnum to a show site at only 9 weeks old, and without his second vaccine. He will definitely need to be accustomed to the show scene, but now I can wait until Nationals, when he's had his second shot. In addition to the risk of picking up something nasty, I was dreading removing him from the routine I've been establishing for him. He's doing an AWESOME job with housebreaking and with settling down in his crate at night, and I really didn't want him to backslide by being back in an ex-pen with his siblings and a litter box.

So for me, a little bummage mixed with a little relief. I do feel badly for Joanna, though. The universe needs to give this lady a break, already!!

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