Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Socialization - Day Two

Since Joanna's monsoon drifted north yesterday, it wasn't the best day for puppy socialization. Heavy rain and wind are not conducive to taking puppies to the park. So, we made do with a trip to the office. My co-workers went wild over Magnum. "Oh, look at those blue eyes!" "His ears are adorable!" "He's so soft!" "I love his color!" "What a sweet puppy!" Magnum was passed from one person to another, hugged, kissed, petted, and put on the floor and fed treats. He was quite the little rock star.

After that, we made a stop at my former workplace to see some friends, and Magnum enjoyed much of the same before succumbing to a persistent nap attack.

Magnum hasn't been wild about riding in the car. The first few minutes of each trip have been punctuated by a cacophony of protest from the crate in back. But the duration of each protest is getting shorter and shorter, so I think he's growing accustomed to it. There is no sign of car sickness, so it may be that he just protests the confinement. He's not wild about the whole crate thing. These are two things that it is crucial that I adapt him to early; crates and travelling will be a big part of his life here at Casa Smalltyme.

Nathan's folks came over for dinner last night, so Magnum met his other Grammy and Grampy. I put Ian in the bedroom when they drove into the driveway. As I expected, Magnum went right over to greet them, along with Elli. It's amazing how they'll follow the lead of the older dog. It's one thing that makes training in a multiple dog household much easier. Of course, they pick up naughty habits along with the good stuff.

In other news, when we woke up this morning, we had...


And now, for some gratuitous photos:

It got too quiet yesterday; I went out to the kitchen and discovered this. This crate is a little smaller than a 200, if anyone is wondering.


Monkey in the middle


  1. I am glad it's going so well!

  2. He's so very cute -- and I'm delighted that the big dogs are making him feel welcome.

  3. 2 ears! I don't know, I think just one was cuter. Can you get him to put it back down? ;)

    He's adorable! I haven't commented yet but I'm delighted that I'll get to watch him grow up on your blog.

    And yes, you're on the right track letting him learn good socialization habits from Elli and not bad ones from Ian. One of the reasons I took Lizzie with us to Nash's first show is because she's very calm these days and I wanted her there to model behavior for him.

  4. 2 ears are cute too! Glad he's fitting in so well.
    Cheers to cute puppies and socialization!

  5. It sure looks like your original two are treating Magnum quite well. You are lucky!