Monday, March 29, 2010

Rainy Days and Mondays...

...always get me down, as the song goes, and moreso when a) the rainy day IS a Monday; and b) it's the Monday following a vacation. I think Magnum agrees -- he had his first accident in the house this morning. As the expression of personal opinions goes, it was pretty clear. Crappy day, indeed!

It's my bad, though. I should have kept him out longer. Even if it was raining, and the wind was howling, and he wanted to come in, and I wanted to come in. Wet person and wet dog is definitely preferable to poopy carpet.

Weekend socialization activities included a brief trip to the waterfront park in Camden and exploration of the amphitheater, and a run to the Animal House, where they were sadly out of tripe. More on order, though! Magnum did get to meet an Aussie, a Golden, and lots of people with the puppy-squealies while he was there, and he came out with a new tug toy, so all was not lost. We also did a little walk along Main Street in Damariscotta to get used to the noise and activity of cars going by. All fairly low-key, but we got out of the house.

Everyone do the Perky Ear Dance this week; Magnum's ears both came up, in that up means that they are not tipped forward anymore. They do, however, both list to the outside, so he's rocking the Flying Nun look right now. If they haven't stiffened up straight by this weekend, we're going to have some adventures in taping. Be afraid. Be very afraid. Anyone who has seen me tape windows in preparation for painting knows what I mean.

Odds don't look good for any socialization activities today. Elli has agility class tonight, and my hubby is working nights this week and can't ride herd on him, so the little man will be staying home this evening. If the weather stays the same tomorrow, we'll have to take a trip to Pet Quarters or something to get out of the house.

Pictures tonight if I can come up with some more AA batteries for the camera. I swear, that thing positively DEVOURS batteries!


  1. Dawn,
    You need to invest in something like this:

    with an extra set of rechargeable batteries. That way you can have one in the camera and one on the charger at all times. They last way better in digital cameras than "standard" batteries and you'll get lots and lots of re-charges out of them. NiMH or Lithium batteries are best.

    We want PICTURES! ;)

  2. PS - I think I paid less than $20 for my last one. I have several, one for the house, one for the RV, one for work.