Sunday, March 7, 2010

Pothole season in Maine

What potholes look like in Maine:

This is not a construction site. A couple of weeks ago, the Rockland PD got a phone call reporting a large pothole on Old County Road. By the time they got there, this is what they saw. They've since erected the fence, so I couldn't get close enough to take a photo down into the hole, but it goes down about 50 feet. There was apparently a tunnel connecting two old quarries that ran underneath the road. It collapsed, and within an hour or so this crater had opened up, stretching all the way across the road.


  1. I just told the soon-to-be engineer Hubby "Looks like we should move to Maine- there's no shortage of work for you there!" ;0P

    WOW! Scary how fast it opened. thankfully no one was hurt!