Sunday, March 21, 2010

Introducing... Magnum!!

Or, the artist formerly known as Dashiell. His formal moniker is Blacksheep Smoking Gun, suggested on Joanna's blog by Claire. Thanks, Claire!!!

Our trip home got off to kind of a rough start, most likely a reaction to the huge amount of roast beef Magnum scarfed down while stacking for photos. Turns out he wasn't just yelling because he was put into a crate in the car. He apparently had some diarrhea brewing. Diarrhea plus crate = EWWW. Fortunately we hadn't driven out of Joanna's yard yet, so we went in for a quick clean up, tied the messy towel up in a plastic bag and away we went. He made it almost all the way home, but between when he started to whine and when I could pull over, he had another bout of diarrhea. Thus, Magnum's introduction to his new home was a quick sink bath.

After that, he got to meet his new siblings.

(Can you stand the one ear up? Seriously, how cute is that?)

Elli really wants to play with her new little brother, but he's a little intimidated, so he's been sitting under the bar stools and sneak attacking her as she goes by. Ian did fine with him, as I knew he would, though I got a rather pointed, "Seriously? Another one?" look from the big guy.

Sabbat the cat didn't even blink. He is so "been there, done that" at this point. Even when the puppy grabs his tail.

I got up a little more with him in the night than I probably would have if not for the diarrhea, but there were no further incidents. When we first went to bed he let out some truly impressive screeches about the indignity of it all and why is he in jail and someone needs to call the United Nations because he's been kidnapped by these terrible people and I WANT MY MOM!!! That only lasted about 5 minutes, though. Each time we came in after a potty trip he settled down pretty quickly. I bet he'll be sleeping through the night in no time.

What can I say? He's a very people oriented little guy, loves to snuggle on laps and will cuddle his little head right into your shoulder. Right now he's napping at my feet, snuggled up to Ian. For breakfast he had the rest of the chicken thigh that I fed him part of for supper, and a little green tripe. No accidents yet in the house, knock on wood. I'm going to have to watch him like a hawk since he seems to have a wood fetish -- no bar stool, baseboard or cupboard is safe. I think his wrestling name will be The Termite. The rug also seems like a fine chew toy, so we'll be sticking bones and chew toys in his face A LOT for the next little while. He's already mastered the dog ramp and will come in and out the door under his own steam. He plays with the big kids a little in the yard, but will mostly follow me around and try to grab my pantleg. His collar and leash are evil and he will be registering a formal protest with the proper authorities.

Today we're letting him get settled in. Tomorrow he has a well-check at the vet's, and he'll go over to meet the in-laws. He may have a visitor or two here at home today, but he's such a friendly little guy that I'm sure he's going to handle new people just fine.

I am so psyched to have this little guy here in our home and our lives! Thank you, Joanna, for this beautiful, well-adapted, wonderfully socialized little love-bug.


  1. Great video of him and the kitty! I cannot believe the cat is bigger than him.

    Good luck! I can't wait for more stories as he grows up.

  2. He is very special! Congratulations!!!

  3. Oh, how adorable! The little nose touch with the kitty is SO cute! Congratulations on your new pup!

  4. Now, how cute is that! You will have so much fun with him. Congratulations.

  5. awww - I can't wait to watch the little guy grow! Congrats on adding Magnum to the family!! :)

  6. YEA!!! Congrats on the 'official' puppy!!!! Long wait was sure worth it!!

  7. He is a cutie! I'm happy that you like the name-I had great fun thinking up mystery theme puppy names.

  8. Congratulations on your new baby. He is adorable!